Leica New M10-R in Black Paint!

New Leica M10-R Black Paint Diary New Black Paint Digital Rangefinder from Leica OMG! I have been waiting for this black paint Leica digital rangefinder M for so long. This is probably the first Leica M10 in black paint, I always love classic black paint M cameras but I had my Leica M10 before and changed it to Fujifilm Xpro2. Now I only have the M9-P because of the CCD Sensor. However, I am not sure if I need such […]

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Know before buying a film camera – Focusing systems

GUIDES AND TIPS Focusing systems Know before buying a film camera Know before buying a film camera – Focusing systems October 13, 2020 If you have the interest to start shooting film or already has a film camera, sometime you may wonder there is something wrong with the focus, feeling the struggle to get it right or I love this camera so much but focusing with it is just too painful for me. Few points below which is helpful to […]

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Things to Know Before Buying a Film Camera – SLR vs Rangefinder

Guides and Tips SLR vs Rangefinder Know before buying a film camera Know before buying a film camera – SLR vs Rangefinder September 23, 2020 There are mainly two types of film cameras in the market, Single lens reflex (SLR) and Rangefinder. Both have their pros and cons, there is no right or wrong to pick any of these beautifully designed cameras.  Personally I love using rangefinder camera on a daily basis because I like using 35mm and 50mm focal […]

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Hasselblad Xpan – Perfect Panoramic Rangefinder Camera

Perfect panoramic rangefinder camera Hasselblad Xpan II A mind hacking machine Hasselblad Xpan – Perfect Panoramic Rangefinder Camera July 11, 2020 Horses parking lot, Trinidad, Cuba 2017 Perfect rangefinder camera Hasselblad Xpan is a very solid and well built machine. It is almost a perfect rangefinder camera to me, with aperture priority, auto film loading and rewind function. It can switch between pano and 135 format too. And even can have the option to leave a film tip out of […]

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9 months with Leica M10

After six months of waiting, it is arrived with a huge label on the box printed with “LEICA M10 BLACK CHROME” I couldn’t describe my happiness with words. Because it has been a long mental debate of repurchasing M9 or M240 or just wait for this new camera. This has been the camera I want most after I sold my Leica M9-P and decided to wait for this new Leica digital camera. Honestly, I love Leica in black paint way […]

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