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Nuwara Eliya City Scanner 002


Country: Sri Lanka
City: Nuwara Eliya
Camera: Sony A7ii
Lens: Leica Summilux 35mm f1.4 FLE ASPH

The Next day I hired a tuktuk and the driver brought me to temples, a waterfall nearby and some attractions in town and then I decided to go to another local market before heading to Ella.

Local-sunday-market-seller-smiling-to-me-grocery-in-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-Lanka 2
Local-sunday-market-seller-smiling-to-me-grocery-in-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-LankaWalked around the Sunday local market and met friendly people (All taken with Sony A7ii, Leica Summilux 35mm f1.4 ASPH FLE)


For the Sunday local market I think it is quite similar to those in Myanmar except the produce looks more fresh, colourful and people are interactive. All of them are curious about why do I go there alone.

slum-area-view-from-hostel-in-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-Lanka-Local-house-housing 2Children playing around in their place, houses are look like they are halfway built


I walked all the way from City Center back to Lanka Hostel. And I was attracted by the loud music opposite our hostel. I heard people singing happily. So I decided to go there and have a look. And they were having a big party there. When I approached them, they immediately ask me to dance together and I don’t seem like a foreign stranger to them. Then I started to take pictures with them one by one, families and kids. It made my day.

portrait-taken-while-walking-back-to-hostel-smiling-girl-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-Lankaportrait-taken-while-walking-back-to-hostel-smiling-boy-family-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-LankaEven people are living in houses looks like they are not well equiped, they always have a smile on their face and they are so curious about new comers.
people-playing-around-dancing-in-party-house-nuwara-eliyaTaking pictures and dancing with local people. Families and friends are all partying together 

Nuwara Eliya City Scanner 001


Country: Sri Lanka
City: Nuwara Eliya
Camera: Sony A7ii
Lens: Leica Summilux 35mm f1.4 FLE ASPH

After arrived at Colombo airport in Sri Lanka at night. On the next day, I took the train in the early morning at 8:30am to Nuwara Eliya. 7 hours later, I arrived at this beautiful place which full of tea plantations and friendly local people. Everyday I walked 2km from Lanka Hostel to City Centre and explored around this city.

Tea-plantation-Nuwara Eliya-Sri Lanka-Nature-Backpacking-alone-tourist
Train-to-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-Lanka-Local-People-Posing-outside-Train-stop-sunny-daySuch a long train journey. People are so kind and they gave a window seat to me to enjoy the view. Totally unpredictable when will the train be stopped. People will hang around the platform and enjoy the sunlight (All taken with Sony A7ii with Summilux 35mm f1.4 ASPH FLE)


Town center is not that big so I walked to the bus station (busiest place) and wandered around the local shops above the station and it is like a magic mini mall to me. And this seems to be every citizen would buy their food and designed for commuters to get some snacks or even a haircut.

Barber-Haircut-Hairstylist-Hair-Local-shop-Nuwara Eliya-Restaurant-lunch-time-Backpacker-Alone-Street-snap-SriLanka-Sri-Lanka
Flower-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-Lanka-Lankan-Local-shops-florist-backpack-travel-townCute-cat-Nuwara Eliya-Restaurant-lunch-time-Backpacker-Alone-Street-snap-SriLanka-Sri-Lanka
Flower-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-Lanka-Lankan-Local-shops-florist-backpack-travel-town-holding-flowerbus-station-people-Nuwara-Eliya-Sri-Lanka-Lankan-Local-shops-florist-backpack-travel-townLocal barber shop, florist and restaurants are all packed in this small place
Barber-Haircut-Hairstylist-Hair-Local-shop-Nuwara Eliya-Restaurant-lunch-time-Backpacker-Alone-Street-snap-SriLanka-Sri-Lanka-Sony-Summilux 35mm
waiting-his-Barber-Haircut-Hairstylist-Hair-Local-shop-Nuwara Eliya-Restaurant-lunch-time-Backpacker-Alone-Street-snap-SriLanka-Sri-Lanka


After lunch, I went to Nuwara Eliya Central Market where it is full of colour and life. I talked to them and ask for any local travel tips and we chatted happily and they treated me with sweet bananas. All of them were having a big smile on their face. 

Handsome-old-man-store-owner-banana-Nuwara-Eliya-Street-snap-portrait-local-food-market 2He wrote me his address and ask me to send him his picture.