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Adox Color Mission 200 Film

Adox Color Mission 200 Film Analog Film Review Adox Color Mission 200 Film December 23, 2022 Adox Color Mission 200 Film Nikon F3HP, 28/2 ais, Hong Kong I have heard about Adox because of its 135 B&W negative film. Take ADOX CHS 100 as an example. It has high silver content that benefits the tonality, dynamic range and details. When Fujifilm cut down its film selection, Kodak brought back Ektachrome and Japan Camera Hunter, making a new FuguFilm 400. So […]

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Reflx Lab 400D (Daylight) Film

Reflx Lab 400D (Daylight) Film Analog Film Review Reflx Lab 400D (Daylight) Film July 1, 2022 Reflx Lab 400D packaging C-41 process like Cinestill films I totally forgot to place my order for CineStill 400D. But in the market there is something similar to it so I decided to try and I like the results. Reflx Lab 400D is a cinema film with emulsion from Kodak Vision 3 5207 250D. The film is modified and suitable for C-41 processing. It […]

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