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Best Ultra-fast 50mm Lenses for Bokeh in 2022

Best Ultra-fast 50mm Lenses for Bokeh in 2022 Lens Review Best Ultra-fast 50mm Lenses for Bokeh in 2022 August 19, 2022 50mm Lenses Comparison I am always a big fan of 50mm ultra-fast lenses, especially Leica rangefinder M mount lenses. Faster the better? Fast lenses also mean more significant viewfinder blockage, but I have been learning to stick with that in the past decade. Learning these fast lenses can do some magic and pain in the ass to carry them […]

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50mm Rangefinder Lenses Bokeh Comparison – 12 Lenses

50mm Rangefinder Lenses Bokeh Comparison – 12 Lenses Lens Review 50mm Rangefinder Lenses Bokeh Comparison – 12 Lenses July 11, 2021 Since the pandemic, I was not able to travel to other countries for photos but instead, I turned to test some of the lenses at different apertures and would like to show you how different these lenses can be and which Bokeh do you like. In recent years, different new 50mm has come out from Voigtlander, to 7artisans. Cheaper […]

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Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100

Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100 Analog Film Review Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100 February 6, 2021 Before I try this film, I already have a few questions in mind. How does it compare with earlier Kodak Ektachrome films like E100G and E100VS? Secondly, compared with Fujifilm slides, which one is more appealing to me?  Since Ektachrome discontinued in 2012, I from time to time shot with some expired E100G but Fujifilm RDPIII became my luxury film that I will only use in […]

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Kodak Vision 3 5219 500T Colour Negative Film

Analog Film Review Kodak Vision 3 5219 500T Colour negative film (Motion Picture) Kodak Vision 3 5219 500T Colour Negative Film July 26, 2020 Background Kodak Vision 3 5219 is a high-speed tungsten-balanced film with fine grain structure, great tonality and wide dynamic range. It is flexible to push this film one or two stops over its normal sensitivity of 500 iso. Advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT) is also used to reduce the appearance of grain in the shadows for […]

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The Leica Noctilux 50mm F1.0: A Unique Dream Lens

A Bulky Rangefinder Lens but will do you the magic In 2010, I got myself a Canon 50mm f1.2 LTM lens and had an intensively 6 months shooting experience with it with my Leica M8 and Leica film MP camera. It was dreamy with special spinning bokeh, during that time I thought I was having the best large aperture lens available for rangefinder cameras. But GAS continuously persuading me to look at other fast lenses. So there was this thread […]

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