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Kodak Eastman 5222 Double-X

Motion picture black and white film? Most of you must have already been using motion picture colour negative film such as CineStill 50D, CineStill 800T…etc. Kodak Eastman 5222 Double-X is Kodak’s legendary 35mm black and white cine film available for use in 35mm camera. Films such as Schindler’s List (1993), Memento (2000) and Casino Royale (2006) have used Double-X to evoke strong emotions like only black-and-white can do. Name: Kodak Eastman 5222 Double-X ISO: 200 (Tungsten), 250 (Daylight) Film type: Black and white Character: Medium contrast with medium […]

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Kodak Super Gold 400 (Japan Ver.)

Kodak Supergold 400 (Japan Version) This is my first ever contribution of a film review post on this blog and I’d want to dedicate this special piece to a very unique analog film which unfortunately had been discounted by Kodak last November. Name: Kodak Supergold 400 (Japan version) ISO: 400 Film type: Colour Negative Character: Warm tone, good dynamic range and gives off natural colour   I am sure every photographer is set on a journey to search for the “right film” to shoot […]

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