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NOMO CAM – Best Phone Photography App

NOMO CAM – Best Phone Photography App Diary NOMO CAM – Best Phone Photography App December 13, 2022 NOMO CAM – Point and Shoot Xwide (Xpan) panorama simulation This post is not a paid advertisement. I pay for my subscription fee. I want to share what I have found and consider it one of the best apps I have ever used. I have only tested it on my iPhone 12 Pro, so I unsure about its capability on android phones […]

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TinType – Retro Style Camera App

Tintypes – Retro Style Camera App Last month I came across this amazing retro style photo from a photographer’s instagram story. I immediately messaged him and he was very kind to share the name of this app which is called TinType by Hipstamatic. I downloaded this app and played around with it for about a month for now. It is great and at first I thought it was similar to wet plate photography. Those retro style photography process which requires […]

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