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Lion Dance Kicks Off Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Lion Dance Kicks Off Chinese New Year in Hong Kong Diary Lion Dance Kicks Off Chinese New Year in Hong Kong January 25, 2023 Leica M10-P, Noctilux 50mm f/1 E58, ISO 3200 Leica M10-P, Noctilux 50mm f/1 E58, ISO 6400 Lion Dance Tradition Lion dance is a traditional Chinese performance art that is steeped in history and culture. It is a performance that is typically characterised by dancers dressed in lion costumes that mimic the movements and behaviours of the […]

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Thai Boxing Match with Canon 50mm f0.95 M Mount

Thai Boxing Match with Canon 50mm f0.95 Dream Lens Diary Brought my Leica M9-P and Canon 50mm f0.95 to document this boxing match in Gik Muay Thai Gym in Hong Kong. Lighting was harsh and dramatic in the ring, some like the halo but some doesn’t but I do find it add extra character to the photos. Looking for Cameras / Lenses or Gears? If you have any questions related to film photography and you would like to source any […]

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Pushing Film – Kodak Vision 3 250D 1 Stop to ISO 400

Pushing Film – Kodak Vision 3 250D 1 Stop to ISO 400 Diary Pushing Film – Kodak Vision 3 250D 1 Stop to ISO 400 May 30, 2021 Testing with 2 Different Lenses I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks to get back my scans from Colorluxe. A few weeks ago, I shot with Andrew in Yau Ma Tei at night and I was trying to experiment with what this Kodak Vision 3 250D would look like if I […]

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Camera Shops in Hong Kong – Fotopia

Camera Shops in Hong Kong – Fotopia Guides and Tips Camera Shops in Hong Kong – Fotopia January 29, 2021 Fotopia From my vague memory, I first visited Fotopia in 2010 and they were situated in a very local old fashion mall. A shopping arcade that has been kept in a time capsule heavily decorated like the 80s. Since then it has been one of my top camera shops in Hong Kong for me to look for pre-owned items that […]

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Dragon Boat Race (Hong Kong) – Fujifilm Xpro2

The weather was excellent on last Sunday afternoon. I went to the open area in Admiralty right in front of the Central Government Office together with Fujifilm X-Pro2 and two lenses in my bag, 23mm f2 WR and 35mm f2 WR. By coincidence, I found out there is a dragon boat race competition happening in the waterfront. So I chose to use 35mm because it is more tele and I want my images to be clean and focus only on […]

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Peng Chau Island with LomoChrome Purple

A weekend getaway to different islands in Hong Kong is another great options for a warm sunny Saturday. Peng Chau is one of my favourite island though it is not as big as Cheung Chau but the vibe and quietness attracted me to re-discover this little outlier. LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 is a Lomography negative film trying to bring back the impression and colour tone of the famous Kodak Aerochrome. This single roll of film has been sitting together with […]

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Street Photography Guide in Mong Kok

Street Photography Guide in Mong Kok 旺角 at Night Mong Kok is a very unique neighbourhood that is unlike any other places in the world, the closest equivalent that I can think of is the intersection at Shibuya, Tokyo. The city is also known as the ‘movie town’, it has great cinematic scenes, particularly for staging gritty gangster-driven fights. I would describe this top attraction in Hong Kong as a river with quick current. The place is packed with fast […]

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Places to Develop Film in Hong Kong

Guides and Tips Places to Develop Film in Hong Kong Places to develop film in Hong Kong March 20, 2018 If you are looking for reliable and high quality labs to begin your film journey or you would like to find a lab close to your place in Hong Kong. Here is a list of recommended film labs in Hong Kong by me. All of them offer services to develop Color Negative film, Black and white and Colour Positive film. […]

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Hong Kong City Scanner 007

City: Hong Kong Location: Tsim Sha Tsui Camera: Leica M2 Lenses: Summicron 35mm f2 IV    

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Hong Kong City Scanner 006

City: Hong Kong Location: North Point Camera: Leica M10 Lenses: Leica Elmarit 28/2.8 v3 and Noctilux 50/1 E58 I met with other Shutter Alliance members outside MTR station in North Point. After that we moved to the pier and look for photography opportunities. Then the weather changed and started to rain. We took a few snaps outside tram terminal and decided to board one of the tram and take pictures in it.      

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