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Kodak vs Fujifilm – Comparison between the Tones and Characters

Kodak vs Fujifilm Guides and Tips Comparison between the Tones and Characters (With 12 Film types samples) Kodak vs Fujifilm – Comparison between the Tones and Characters April 25, 2021 Which film should I begin with and which brand I should try? What are the differences between Kodak and Fujifilm? These are the questions in many of the film beginner’s minds. Film community has been growing in the past years and it is great to see everyone going out to […]

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Hong Kong City Scanner 004

City: Hong Kong Camera: Leica MP Lens: Leica Summicron 35mm f2 V1 Film: Fujifilm Pro400H First time trying out the Fujifilm Pro400H, an expensive film but it has a soft pastel colour. I will try overexposing it next time. Shutter Alliance Photowalk at the Peak and Quarry Bay, pleasure to have Take as our special guest, checkout his youtube channel (BIGHEADTACO), he has uploaded his recent video for a documentary in Hong Kong and some footage with us! After gathering […]

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