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Velvia 100 Slide film with Makina 67 (Temple Street and Pier)

Velvia 100 Slide film with Makina 67 Diary (Temple Street and Pier) Velvia 100 Slide film with Makina 67 (Temple Street and Pier) February 14, 2021 How about doing some long exposures at night? That’s what I told Kevin. At last, Thien, Kevin, Nicolas and me, we all went to the Temple street car park to do some long exposures before this building got demolished later.  On that day I carried both Rolleiflex 2.8F and Makina 6 and I am […]

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Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100

Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100 Analog Film Review Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100 February 6, 2021 Before I try this film, I already have a few questions in mind. How does it compare with earlier Kodak Ektachrome films like E100G and E100VS? Secondly, compared with Fujifilm slides, which one is more appealing to me?  Since Ektachrome discontinued in 2012, I from time to time shot with some expired E100G but Fujifilm RDPIII became my luxury film that I will only use in […]

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Beginners Guide to Film – Types and Their Characteristics

Guides and Tips Beginners Guide to Film – Types and Their Characteristics Beginners Guide to Film – Types and Their Characteristics October 18, 2020 Checking out cameras stores in Champagne court has become a regular activity for me and my photo buddies in Hong Kong but before film passion injected into my blood. The spark started from 10 years ago, I was deeply attracted by these nicely designed film boxes and canister (I am still collecting and trying every available […]

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Rollei Vario Chrome 200-400

  Name: Rollei Vario Chrome ISO: 320 Film type: Positive Slide Character: High saturation with warm tone   Vintage feel and Warm tone Rollei Vario Chrome is a daylight highspeed colour reversal film with good sharpness. The warmth produced from the film depends on the environment that you use, the brighter the sun is, the warmer the picture will be. Besides, I discovered that it is quite similar to its brother, Rollei CR200 slide film. Except that CR200 tends to be more attracted […]

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