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Repaint Cameras and Lenses with Kanto Camera Japan

Kanto Camera Japan – Repainting Cameras and Lenses Guides and Tips Leica Repaint Story with Kanto Camera Black paint Leica is so beautiful but too expensive for me to own. I couldn’t afford any of the original black paint Leica because their prices skyrocket now and most importantly, I prefer something that is less costly for me to shoot with because I don’t just collect but I want to make good use of all of the lenses that I have […]

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Repairing film cameras and lenses in Hong Kong

Repairing film cameras and lenses in Hong Kong Guides and Tips Repairing film cameras and lenses in Hong Kong November 7, 2020 Where to repair vintage cameras and lenses in Hong Kong? Or you have recently acquired a second-hand camera online and you would like a specialist to help you check the condition of your camera and lenses, here is a list of repair centres that I would highly recommend you to try. Panda Camera Repair Service (斌達相機修理中心) Uncle Tat […]

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