ORWO Wolfen NC500 Colour Negative Film 135

ORWO Wolfen NC500 Colour Negative Film Analog Film Review ORWO Wolfen NC500 Colour Negative Film 135 July 17, 2023 NC500 Colour Negative Film Orwo Wolfen NC500, Leica Summicron 50/2 Rigid, Hong Kong ORWO Wolfen NC500 I’d like to share a recent adventure I embarked on with a new type of film stock. If you’re like me and you love exploring new territories in the realm of film photography, then keep reading because this one’s for you. A while back, I […]

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Reflx Lab 800T (Tungsten) Colour Negative Film

Reflx Lab 800T (Tungsten) Film Analog Film Review Reflx Lab 800T (Tungsten) Film May 26, 2022 Reflx Lab 800T (Tungsten) Film Motion picture film available in C-41 process Reflx Lab 800T is a cinema film with emulsion from Kodak Vision 3 5219 500T. Still, the film is modified and suitable for C-41 processing. An extra layer is called “rem-jet” on the motion picture film. This film has already removed this layer to allow you to develop it directly in the […]

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Places to Develop Film in Hong Kong

Guides and Tips Places to Develop Film in Hong Kong Places to develop film in Hong Kong March 20, 2018 If you are looking for reliable and high quality labs to begin your film journey or you would like to find a lab close to your place in Hong Kong. Here is a list of recommended film labs in Hong Kong by me. All of them offer services to develop Color Negative film, Black and white and Colour Positive film. […]

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AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 400

Name: AgfaPhoto Vista Plus ISO: 400 Film type: Colour Negative Character: Sensitive to red colour, saturation is high   Brief Summary ISO 400 is the perfect box speed to shoot under different conditions. Since my beloved Kodak Super Gold 400 has already been discontinued. I need to find a replacement for it. I tried Kodak Portra 400 but we didn’t really work out. I always have the impression that the Agfa Vista 400 is cheap with low quality reflected on […]

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