Street Photography Guide in Mong Kok


Street Photography Guide in Mong Kok 旺角 at Night
Mong Kok is very special unlike other places in the world, the most similar one I could describe would be the intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo. This area is very famous because it has been filmed in so many different movies and mostly related to crimes. I would portray this top attraction in Hong Kong as a speedy water flow, where people are walking so fast, packed with so many people, sometimes you might find some of them are a bit rude if you try to capture something in real close distance but with certain method, you can enjoy this photography heaven in a different way.

As a local Hong Kong street shooter, I would like to recommend you a few spots and tips below if you are travelling to Hong Kong anytime soon.

Worker-Hardship-Ladies-Market-Hong-Kong-Night-Tide-Photo-walk-Night-Street-Snap-CineStill-800T-Tungsten-Leica-Summilux-11663-35mm-pushed-ISO2400-Motion-picture-Colour-Movie-Feel3-BannerEntrance of Ladies Market (CineStill 800T)

Ladies Market the best place to begin in Mong Kok?
Some of you might think Ladies market is the most attractive part with all the Neon lights. I do agree with that but I like most when Ladies market is at late night because you can see how shopkeepers load all of their goods back onto the small carts and move back to the storage in the aisles which is completely different experience from the normal scene. Except that I love walking along the side aisles in Ladies Market because the perspective and angles are interesting for you to be creative.

Mong-kok-Gary-Portrait-Hong-Kong-Night-Tide-Photo-walk-Night-Street-Snap-CineStill-800T-Tungsten-Leica-Summilux-11663-35mm-pushed-ISO2400-Motion-picture-Colour-Movie-FeelSample of portrait taken in Ladies Market with CineStill 800T

Shanghai Street Adventure

But if you want something more adventurous and would love to see the very local local style of Mong Kok, I highly recommend you to move two streets inwards near Langham place, the street is called Shanghai street, full of traditional billboard and neon signs showing some prices and services they offer. I guess you do get what I mean, here is a red light district. But you have to take extra precaution while you are shooting in this area at night.

Mong-kok-Hawker-Porter-Gear-Ladies-Market-Portrait-Hong-Kong-Night-Tide-Photo-walk-Night-Street-Snap-CineStill-800T-Tungsten-Leica-Summilux-11663-35mm-pushed-ISO2400-Motion-picture-Colour-Movie-Feel-RainyIt is not hard to approach people and ask to take portraits

One of the best places to have top view in Mong Kok
Besides Ladies Market and Shanghai Street. I would recommend you go up to Park-In Commercial Centre Car Park to get the nice topview of Mong Kok with all the street performers. I would recommend to go to the top floor of the car parking building to get better view.

neon-lights-everywhere-inside-MK-hong-kong-hk-street-photography-guide-Mong-kok-Mongkok-location-suggestions-attractions-local-night-streetshooters-travel-travelling-trip-advisorOne of the big billboard of Satay King in Ladies Market

Suggested Map of Mong Kok


Suggested spots

  1. Ladies Market
  2. Shanghai Street
  3. Park-In Commercial Car Park
  4. Footbridge in Mongkok
Monks-Ladies-market-neon-lights-hong-kong-hk-street-photography-guide-Mong-kok-Mongkok-location-suggestions-attractions-local-night-streetshooters-travel-travelling-trip-advisorShopping heaven for everyone

 Small Photography Tips in Mong Kok

  1. Smile on your face really helps no matter you are foreigner or local (Probably the best if you are traveller from the west because they treat you as tourist and they feel less offensive when you try to take a shot)
  2. Off finder (Zone focus) increase you successful rate of getting a decent street candid shot.
  3. Pick a spot, frame and wait.
  4. Watch your shutter speed (better keep it in your safety shutter to avoid vibrations)
  5. Try CineStill 800T in Mong Kok the best combo to achieve Cinemagraphic feel pictures
local-minibus-drivers-playing-chess-during-leisure-time-hong-kong-hk-street-photography-guide-Mong-kok-Mongkok-location-suggestions-attractions-local-night-streetshooters-travel-travelling-trip-advisorSome minibus drivers playing chess during leisure time

TAHUSA recommended path
Take Mongkok Station Exit D. After you came out of the station, go straight and get into Ladies market then turn right. Go all the way till the end of ladies market (experience both in the middle and side alleys). Cross the street go up to the Park-in Commercial Centre Car Park for the top view shots. Back to ground level and get into right alley of Ladies Market, get some food. Continue all the way to the end of the road. Turn left go straight after passing the intersection, continue to Langham direction then turn left and enter Shanghai street. After all, order a nice and cold local brew beer in Tap Ale Project.


Travelling like a local
If you are interested to understand more about other areas in Hong Kong, feel free to email me at

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