Light Lens Lab – Summicron 35mm f2 (Digital test)

Light Lens Lab - Summicron 35mm f2 (Digital test)

Testing with Leica M9P

Testing two Light Lens Lab 35mm f2 with purple and amber coating and original Summicron 35mm f2 v1 8-element in amber coating

Light Lens Lab 8-element in Amber and Purple coating

Seems Light Lens Lab have changed the coating colour during production in their New Summicron 35mm f2 8-element and it affects how the lens actually perform especially the tone.

I think Leica M9P with CCD sensor can always bring out the mood and tone than M240 and M10. So I have taken some test shots with it with minimal brightness adjustment and keep temperature setting the same during the test.

So far what I think about the lens is it lacks the Leica glow at F2 which somehow might need another 50 years for it to age to get to that mood. Another observation is the lens perform better in film than digital. You can easily tell the sharpness and contrast in digital shots. But overall I am so impressed with its built and quality.

Leica M9P test shots
Original Summicron 35/2 (LEFT) Light Lens Lab Summicron 35/2 Purple Coat (MIDDLE) Light Lens Lab 35/2 Amber Coat (RIGHT)

Original Summicron 35/2 Amber vs Light Lens Lab Purple Coating

Original Summicron 35/2 (LEFT) Light Lens Lab 35/2 Purple Coat (RIGHT)

Both at F2 wide open
(Same temperature setting)
Original Summicron 35/2 (LEFT) Light Lens Lab 35/2 Purple Coat (RIGHT)

Both at F2 wide open
(Same temperature setting)
Original Summicron 35/2 (LEFT) Light Lens Lab 35/2 Purple Coat (RIGHT)


I like the Light Lens Lab lens very much indeed. Can’t wait to take more street snaps with this lens. Below is a recent shot with Light Lens Lab 35/2 in purple coating at F8 taken with Leica M9P converted from DNG to JPG and also used a preset on B&W conversion. I hope Mr Zhou will produce more nice copies in the upcoming future!

Let me know what you think if you have one on hand or interested in getting this replica from Light Lens Lab.

zhou-8elements-summicron-35mm-f2-v1-comparison-replica-performance-aperture-test-lens-leica-black-paint-quality 5
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  1. Hey man. Thanks for posting this review of the lense. I’d be interested in getting it in the future…the contrast is wonderful.

    • Hey Seal, I am actually on the waiting list in RFF too, waiting for my black paint version. I have borrowed two of these lenses from a friend of mine to do some test shots. Let’s hope we can get them soon. Fingers crossed.

  2. I wouldnt expect your LLL lens anytime soon..if ever…if you are a RFF buyer of the 1st 500 that is-…
    They havent even covered the 1st day of ordering yet..and its the middle of Oct now..going on 1 year later..
    There is someone I know that paid in full for theirs..a member on RFF ..and still hasnt received theirs..2 mos later..
    I highly doubt this company will ever deliver the whole run of the original 500..
    Too bad..
    They misrepresented..over promised..and under delivered..

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