Best Ultra-fast 50mm Lenses for Bokeh in 2022

Best Ultra-fast 50mm Lenses for Bokeh in 2022

Lens Review

Best Ultra-fast 50mm Lenses for Bokeh in 2022

50mm Lenses Comparison

I am always a big fan of 50mm ultra-fast lenses, especially Leica rangefinder M mount lenses. Faster the better? Fast lenses also mean more significant viewfinder blockage, but I have been learning to stick with that in the past decade. Learning these fast lenses can do some magic and pain in the ass to carry them around.

So I have made this causal bokeh comparison (non-scientific) without sharing much about what I think, I would like you to comment below to let me know which one you like the best! I hope you guys can choose the lens you like and, most importantly, enjoy what you already have or think about what you want to get next! 

Testing Set Up

  • Camera used: Leica Rangefinder M10-P
  • Photo processed in Lightroom without any adjustment
  • White balance all kept the same
  • All lenses mounted on tripod
  • Model – Morty

50mm Lenses Comparison

Test A

Test B

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