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Repaint Cameras and Lenses with Kanto Camera Japan

Leica Repaint Story with Kanto Camera

Black paint Leica is so beautiful but too expensive for me to own. I couldn’t afford any of the original black paint Leica because their prices skyrocket now and most importantly, I prefer something that is less costly for me to shoot with because I don’t just collect but I want to make good use of all of the lenses that I have so that I know which one I like and why. At some point I really want my lens repainted in Black, but how? There are so many repaint options today (but not that many back in 2015) who should I send mine to change its outfit?

In 2015, I sent my Summilux 50/1.4 II (Version 2) to repaint in Hong Kong in black paint, which is something that I wanted to do for a long time. After 2 weeks, I was so disappointed when I received the lens, the paint started chipping off from the lens and the paint job was so SHXT! Maybe it was my fault not wanting to wait for 3 months to get my lens repainted from Kanto (Now it takes 9 months).

Summicron 50/2 Rigid, Dual Range and Summilux 50/1.4 V2 black repaint from Kanto

Black Repaint work from Kanto

That’s the story of how I started repainting lenses with Kanto Camera in Japan. I emailed Kanto directly and they can communicate in perfect English which is good for a foreigner to specify the requirements that I want, in black paint like the original, not too shiny like piano black paint in red scale. I was sceptical at first about sending something valuable to Japan which I never did and I afraid it will become another Shintaro black paint issue but with the swift reply and detailed explanation from Kumiko san, I decided to give it a try.

I had butterflies in my stomach before I received the parcel from Japan. Finally, I unbox the parcel after waiting for around 3 months, the quality just blew my mind. It is definitely something even happier than getting a brand new Leica lens. I have never seen such a beautiful lens in my life. So far I have repainted multiple items with Kanto and every time when I unbox them, there is always a smile on my face. I admire the Japanese craftsmanship and such high-quality work that they offer.

9 months later, this time I received my Summicron 50/2 Rigid and Summilux 50/1.4 V2 repaint from them. Lenses are always wrapped nicely and carefully packed by them. Even the tape was nicely done to make you unwrap them easily without the need of tearing the bubble wrap. 

If you have an interest in sending lenses to Kanto. Let me know if you would like to repaint your lens or camera.

Black Repaint Quality - Summicron 50/2 Rigid, Dual Range (DR) and Summilux 50/1.4 II

Front Coating of Repaint Leica Lenses
Repainted Summicron 50/2 Rigid, DR and Summilux 50/1.4 II
Rigid and Summilux and Hood

Kanto Repaint Process

Basic Procedure to repaint any camera or lens with Kanto Camera

  1. Send them an email to get an estimation based on your requirement (Camera of Lens)
  2. Wait for their reply (usually take up to 3-4 days depending on their workload)
  3. Communicate and finalise the detail for your item
  4. Print repair form
  5. Wrap your package together with repait form and send it to them
  6. They will notify you once they have received your parcel
  7. Final quotation after their repairman inspect and assess your lens
  8. 9 months of waiting BEGINS
  9. Email received from Kanto (After 9 months, depends on their work load)
  10. Shipping back to you!

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If you have any questions related to film photography or you would like to understand more about different cameras and lenses, feel free to email me or simply comment below.

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