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Camera Shops in Hong Kong – Fotopia


From my vague memory, I first visited Fotopia in 2010 and they were situated in a very local old fashion mall. A shopping arcade that has been kept in a time capsule heavily decorated like the 80s. Since then it has been one of my top camera shops in Hong Kong for me to look for pre-owned items that I want. 

Both owners in Fotopia are Leica specialists; they are so knowledgeable about different types of Leica, how to fix different lenses and also an expert in providing advice on lens quality. There is no doubt that they mostly sell top notch quality glasses and cameras and they try to provide the best selection to their customers.


Great Cameras and Lenses Selection

They provide a wide range of products mainly from consignments where different collectors would like to off load some of their treasures or users trying to look for better options to get a taste on different lenses. So it is always surprising what I can find every time I go there or visit their website to check out what’s their new arrival.

A great selection from Leica wide angle lenses such as 21 Elmarit and 28 Summicron to Noctilux and Summicron Rigid 50mm. All Tele Leica lenses such as Summilux 75/1.4 (which I still want to try a version 1). All Leica film and digital cameras as well as accessories such as hood and original filters. Other than that they have medium format cameras such as Pentax 67 II in a set! Rolleiflex and Makina (which I learned about it when they put it up on their website).


Fotopia’s Website

I love how they update their website in such a regular manner which gives visitors an idea whether products are in stock, reserved or sold. Their ratings are very true to reflect the condition of the products and they will of course explain to you in person or by email on whether this will fit what you are actually looking for.


Consignments (selling your cameras / lenses)

Fotopia is my go-to consignment place whenever I try to sell some of my cameras or lenses because they are well communicated and can always help me to sell at the very best market offer.

It is also a very great place to keep track what’s the second hand market price for great condition (mint) items and see what’s potential for different lenses if you try to keep them as an investment such as Summicron 35mm f2 V1 8 elements or Summicron 35mm f2 IV 7 elements. Also, you may learn more about different types of Leica produced and you may find some lenses with so many digits in dollar sense because of their rarity.



I would highly recommend you to pay them a visit because the line up and the range of products they are offering is so impressive and how they present them is also in a very nice manner (I wish I could have a cabinet like that in the future) actually like a mini camera museum.

Fotopia Website:

*Disclaimer, this is not a paid article. I just want to share my personal experience with Fotopia and assist new beginners to find their best fit.

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