Faces Of Your Cameras – Pentax 67II

Pentax 67II

Faces Of Your Cameras

It's big and it's bulky, and if you hold it wrong it'll pull an arm muscle

Faces Of Your Cameras – Pentax 67II

Pentax 67II, 90mm f2.8
Pentax 67II

“It’s big and it’s bulky, and if you hold it wrong it’ll pull an arm muscle.

In the beginning, I got it’s first-generation cousin because it was one of the cheapest medium format cameras that shoots in 6×7 format. Fast forward two years later and I upgraded to the latest and greatest model with auto-exposure, brighter viewfinder, and the supremely useful integrated grip. The camera has mostly been used to shoot portraits and landscape, but I have used it during street outings to OK results. You cannot be discreet with this camera, and because of that shooting candid can pose a challenge. Whilst the majority will swear by the oft-lusted 105 mm 2.4 (which I also own), the lens that lives on the Pentax most of the time is the 90 mm 2.8. The focal length is closer to how I see and it shoot closer than the 105. It also doesn’t lose out on bokeh.” – by Kevin 

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shot with Kodak Portra 160
shot with Kodak Portra 400

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