Faces Of Your Cameras – Leica M2 (Button Rewind)

Leica M2 (Button Rewind)

Faces Of Your Cameras

My forever camera. It took me 5 years to get to you.

Faces Of Your Cameras – Leica M2 (Button Rewind)

Leica M2 Camera (Button Rewind Ver)
Leica M2 Camera (Button Rewind Ver)

“My forever camera. It took me 5 years to get to you. When i first saw you, I couldn’t see your beauty or worth. I wanted what everyone else wanted in my world at that time. Speed and lots of memory. I made fun of the guys who lusted after you and cherished you and swore that NEVER would we be together. Never changed into maybe. Then maybe became a longing. I got a chance to spend time with you with my family and it was beautiful. The time we shared. The memories we made. I knew i had to have you. It took me a while to get your attention, but once you were free, I snatched you up and you became mine. Now i appreciate the care and time. I appreciate your curves and sleek looks. I appreciate how you focus and put your all into everything you do, each body part working as one to create masterpieces. I see how others like me before look at you and scoff… but they don’t know I was once them. But now I’m with you. Forever. My forever camera. I hope I treat you as well as you deserve. My M2” – by Reggie 

Instagram: blkinasia

captured with 7artisans 50/1.1 and Kodak Ektar 100
captured with Leica Summicron 50/2 Rigid and Kentmere 400

Share us your camera!

Share with me your favourite camera set up in two photos! It could be any type of camera, digital, analog with any accessories or instant camera. Photo resolution to be at least 1400px wide (for a horizontal image). I’d love for you to include a story (in a few sentences or even paragraphs!) about this camera and you. Whatever shows that this is a true (camera) love story. Feel free to include any photos (max 2) taken with this combo. Don’t forget to share details of the photo such as film or lenses that you’ve used.

Please include the preferred social handle that you’d wish to be known for (flickr, instagram…etc.)

Share it to our EMAIL.

Looking for Cameras / Lenses or Gears?

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