The Charm of Leicavit and Akagivit: Rapid Winders for Leica Film Cameras

The Charm of Leicavit and Akagivit: Rapid Winders for Leica Film Cameras


The Charm of Leicavit and Akagivit: Rapid Winders for Leica Film Cameras

Leicavit and Akagivit are rapid winders designed for specific Leica film cameras to help advance the film quicker. Although they add extra weight to the camera, they provide a balanced and stylish look.

The original Leicavit MP winder is now a collector’s item and discontinued. I regret not purchasing a silver one years ago. Recently, Japan Camera Hunter released the Akagivit winder in either silver chrome or black paint, made of brass. I purchased one and found it comparable to an original Leicavit I’ve used, sturdier than expected. The black paint version has a glossy finish, making me curious how it will show brassing over time. However, the Akagivit Leicavit only works with the Leica MP and Leica M2. If you own an M2 and want an stylish winder with Japanese engravings, the Akagivit Leicavit could be for you.

The Leicavit for the MP, on the other hand, works with the Leica M6, M7, and MP. I acquired years ago and find it operates more smoothly than the Akagivit Leicavit for the M2 or even the original Leicavit. It feels solid and dependable.

Whether or not you need a Leicavit is debatable. It can help advance film slightly faster and provide more stability when loading film, giving extra time to compose the shot. However, for me it’s more decorative, simply providing an attractive extra height to the camera. It doesn’t notably improve my photography but combines with the Leica MP for an unbeatable retro look.

The Leicavit and Akagivit winders may be an unnecessary yet stylish accessory for your Leica film camera. They harken back to an era of slowly crafted mechanical designs that continue to inspire today. For some, that nostalgia and retro aesthetic is reason enough to add these rapid winders to their kit.

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  1. Hello, how does the akagivit work with the Leica MP? I bought one from reading it worked here… However, it doesnt seem to function as a leicagivit as the film takeup spool wont catch on the M2’s design. Did you find a way around this?

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