Solo Exhibition – We Have Seen Better Days

Solo Exhibition - We Have Seen Better Days


Solo Exhibition – We Have Seen Better Days

Recently, I had the honor of being invited by Space Place Gallery to hold a solo exhibition in Russia. I’d love to take this opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes photos with you. It’s my aspiration to exhibit my work in other countries someday too.

Exhibition Statement by Anson Tang

We Have Seen Better Days

In our relentless search for novelty, we often find ourselves yearning for something fresh and undiscovered. However, in our pursuit of the uncharted, we may inadvertently neglect the treasures hidden within our own memories.These memories, frozen in time, encapsulate the unique interplay of our senses—be it the temperature, the humidity, or the scent—that once lent them their distinct charm. As William Shakespeare aptly put it, “True is it that we have seen better days.”

Drawing inspiration from the poignant moments of daily life, this photography exhibition seeks to capture the beauty and human touch that pervades our ordinary existence—moments that often go unrecognized, even by those who live them. 

In our ever-evolving world, it is essential to remain present, embrace the future, and cherish life’s experiences. As we journey through the intricate tapestry of life, we must appreciate each fleeting moment and garner wisdom from every memory. By fostering an optimistic outlook, we cultivate resilience and nurture personal growth. 

It is my hope that, through this exhibition, viewers will not only appreciate the moments I have captured but also become more attuned to the extraordinary instances that pervade their own daily lives. For it is in these fleeting instants, occurring anywhere and at any time, that we can truly find meaning and connection in our ordinary existence.

20 Aug – 3 Sep

SPACE PLACE Contemporary Art Gallery
Prospekt Mira, 49, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia 622034
+7 912 260-93-29

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