Pushing Film – Kodak Vision 3 250D 1 Stop to ISO 400

Pushing Film – Kodak Vision 3 250D 1 Stop to ISO 400


Pushing Film – Kodak Vision 3 250D 1 Stop to ISO 400

Testing with 2 Different Lenses

I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks to get back my scans from Colorluxe. A few weeks ago, I shot with Andrew in Yau Ma Tei at night and I was trying to experiment with what this Kodak Vision 3 250D would look like if I shot at 400 ISO at night. I used two lenses for the entire 36 shots which were the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.2 vm and Carl Zeiss Sonnar C 50mm f1.5 zm.

The result is great, the main difference from shooting at box speed is the black and highlights which became more solid and rich than at normal speed but the colour saturation also increased a little bit and the warmth of this film also intensified. I think I will try to use this film at night again, maybe with the Noctilux and Canon 50mm f/0.95.

If you haven’t tried any of the motion picture films, you might as well look at Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219.

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  1. Heyyy if you dont mind could you give me like any socials of the lab you used? I would ask for the chemicals you used but I can see from another comment you sent it to a lab so if you dont mind could you drop any of their socials?

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