Photographer’s Showcase: Vasily Chan

Photographer's Showcase: Vasily Chan


Photographer’s Showcase: Vasily Chan

At first, my ambition was to capture photos as beautiful as the ones I saw online. As time passed, I found myself entangled in a struggle between reality and beauty, gradually seeking the true meaning of photography.

Loneliness, tranquility, and the helplessness of life are emotions I strive to express through my photos, tinged with a sense of reluctance to let go. My lens of choice has always been the 50mm. The reason is simple – this particular focal length is just right, neither too wide nor too narrow.

I also have a fondness for large apertures. When fully open, they can create a sense of detachment and blur between the subject and its surroundings. Personally, I believe that this sense of blurriness could be a metaphor for memory. Every photo we take carries a bit of our thoughts and emotions. Thus, I believe that by looking at someone’s photos, we can gain some understanding of their inner world.

That’s all for now.


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