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Panda Camera Repair - Uncle Tat


Kodak Vision 3 5219 500T with Light Lens Lab (光影鏡頭實驗室) 35mm f2

Panda Camera Repair Uncle Tat Visit

I have received many questions asking me which camera repairman I would recommend sending their cameras to repair. Without a second thought, Uncle Tat from Panda Camera is the person that you should go for.

When you are sick you visit a doctor but when your camera does not function well, you got to see Uncle Tat. When my Leica M2 was sick in 2014 I sent him to do a full calibration, the shutter is still so quiet and smooth today with abusive use of 7 years of time.

From time to time I have questions about lenses or camera I would pay him a visit and see what is the problem with the lens whether it is a focusing issue, alignment or camera sticky shutter. This time I recommended my friend Simon sending his M4-2 to do a full CLA to fix his sticky shutter problem. If you notice pictures that you have taken with any film cameras that are uneven, left or right part darker than the other side, maybe it is time for you to do a calibration. But if you are cameras that are difficult to fix, he will recommend you to buy another one.

I think my favourite moment is to listen to his music and enjoy all of his violin collections behind the reception area. It is definitely a classic place to visit too!

If you are looking for places to fix your camera you can refer to this post or Subscribe below to get a copy of FREE camera repair guide in Hong Kong.

Address: 1401 Double Building, 22 Stanley Street, Hong Kong
Tel: 2522 9905
Office hour: Monday to Saturday 09:30 to 17:00; Sunday off

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  1. That looks a like a place where people are really enthusiastic about the work they are doing!
    Is there any shop in HK where you can buy the LLL lenses? Was looking for it but couldnt find any…

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