NOMO CAM – Best Phone Photography App

NOMO CAM - Best Phone Photography App


NOMO CAM – Best Phone Photography App

NOMO CAM - Point and Shoot
diary-iphone-android-application-recommend-suggestion-photo-lovers-best-NOMO-CAM-point-and-shoot-portrait mode-app-camera-simulation-xpan-xwide-pano-panorama
Xwide (Xpan) panorama simulation

This post is not a paid advertisement. I pay for my subscription fee. I want to share what I have found and consider it one of the best apps I have ever used. I have only tested it on my iPhone 12 Pro, so I unsure about its capability on android phones and possible issues.

NOMO CAM App - A Daily Photography Tool

Not everyone carries a camera with them every day. When you are out for a meeting, just finish a quick bite and grab a coffee. All these lovely moments with beautiful light or interesting street scenes happen when your camera is not with you. And you want something good on your phone to capture it. Like everyone, I have been searching for a high-quality camera simulation app for quite some time.

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I had NOMO CAM installed a couple of years now. At first, I was impressed by the visuals, buttons and capability this application can create. The simulation was fun using the free version, which contains polaroid and other point-and-shoot cameras. Then they hooked me on it by adding more and more camera presets.

IR (infrared filter) simulation
diary-iphone-android-application-recommend-suggestion-photo-lovers-best-NOMO-CAM-point-and-shoot-portrait mode-app-camera-simulation-swirly
Swirly 2 (Voigtlander) simulation
diary-iphone-android-application-recommend-suggestion-photo-lovers-best-NOMO-CAM-point-and-shoot-portrait mode-app-camera-simulation-
Swirly 2 (Voigtlander) simulation

Pro Membership

This simulation allows you to shoot in different cameras, and they all look like film shots, such as Leica M3 in black and white mode, Leica M6 in colour mode, Makina 67, Anamorphic lenses etc. It took me two years to convince myself to subscribe to the annual plan. It isn’t too expensive as a yearly subscription, but I worried they aren’t that great.

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diary-iphone-android-application-recommend-suggestion-photo-lovers-best-NOMO-CAM-point-and-shoot-portrait mode-app-camera-simulation-bokeh-dof
Swirly 2 (Voigtlander) simulation

Camera Simulation

My first paid application was Hipstamistic, which allows you to use different lenses and film stock to create a specific look. I remember they also had an application mix and matching different chemicals to give you a unique look on your photos. After clicking the subscription button and using it for a while, I think I have made the best decision. NOMO is the best photography app, a film camera simulation app I use daily.

The best part of this app is that it renders extremely nice bokeh and does a better job than using your iPhone’s portrait mode of your iPhone. But if you plan to subscribe to this application, make sure your iPhone has three lenses. Otherwise, you lose the ability to create an excellent depth of field with your telephone lens.

Some of my favourite simulations are 

  1. XWide
  2. 135 M3
  3. Swirly 2
  4. 2.35 Anamorphic
Xwide (Xpan) panorama simulation
Xwide (Xpan) panorama simulation
135 M3 (Leica black and white) simulation
135 M3 (Leica black and white) simulation
diary-iphone-android-application-recommend-suggestion-photo-lovers-best-NOMO-CAM-point-and-shoot-portrait mode-app-camera-simulation-swirl
Swirly 2 (Voigtlander) simulation
Swirly 2 (Voigtlander) simulation
2.35 anamorphic simulation
2.35 anamorphic simulation

Wishlist - Photo Conversion and Editing

I wish NOMO CAM could have a photo editing function to convert images taken with my iPhone properly. Sometimes the application only gave me limited space in the viewfinder, so I had to take multiple photos or make a guess.

Let me know what you think about this application. Feel free to comment below and share other great applications for photography lovers!

Swirly 2 (Voigtlander) simulation
Moon (Hasselblad Moon) simulation

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