LEAKED! New Sigma FP-L with EVF11

LEAKED! New Sigma FP-L with EVF11


LEAKED! New Sigma FP-L with EVF11

I am so excited about this new new Sigma FP-L rumoured to have 60MP FF sensor. There are claimed to be the first images of the Sigma FP-L that will be announced next week. Actually I don’t need that much megapixels. But this quirky looking EVF11 is definitely a great addition to Sigma’s accessories line up. It is good that it is in kind of like a rangefinder style but the design is little bit off? Hmm maybe I am thinking something at least to the bottom of the camera?

I wish they will make huge process in Foveon sensor development because that is one of the key excitement for me in the search of finding a camera to use side by side with my Leica M9-P. Hopefully this Sigma FP-L can impress me with its great performance!

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