New Product: Air Clicker Soft Release Button

New Product: Air Clicker Soft Release Button


New Product: Air Clicker Soft Release Button

Back in 2019, I had a vision for my own soft release button. I wanted a button that would sit perfectly on top of my Leica camera without needing an O-ring. Last year, this idea resurfaced, and I decided to turn it into reality.

A soft release button isn’t just for decoration. When I first got my film camera, I learned how a soft release button can help stabilise the camera, giving you almost an extra stop of protection against camera shake. The trick is to use the second part of your index finger, and since then, I’ve loved using it.

The concept was simple: I wanted a shutter button that sits perfectly and looks timeless. When it comes to camera accessories, I am passionate about finding the perfect blend between beauty and practicality.

I went through quite a few prototypes during the design and production phases. Titanium and stainless steel were the first materials I chose to try. Stainless steel with a polished, glossy finish and titanium grey with a matte finish provide a subtle look that matches perfectly with both black chrome and silver chrome cameras.

Finally, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the first-ever product designed by me under the Tahusa brand: the Air Clicker soft release button! They are available in two materials, and each material comes in either a short or long screw thread length to fit a wide range of cameras. If you’re unsure which length to get, always go for the long one. Each Air Clicker is manufactured with high precision and care, featuring a unique serial number to mark its identity.

The Air Clicker

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Stainless Steel

Air Clicker Gallery

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Air Clicker Soft Release - Titanium
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