Joint – A Cafe Offers More Than Just Coffee

Joint - A Cafe Offers More Than Just Coffee


Joint – A Cafe Offers More Than Just Coffee

More Than Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, you might think that a cafe that only sells coffee is enough to keep you coming back. But what if the cafe offers more than just a cup of coffee? That’s what I discovered when I stumbled upon Joint, a small coffee shop in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.

At first, I was skeptical. How could a cafe survive by selling only coffee? But after trying their coffee, I was hooked. The owner, Linus, is passionate about coffee and takes great care in selecting and brewing the beans. But what sets Joint apart from other coffee shops is its sense of community.

The cafe has become a gathering place for people of all backgrounds. I’ve met artists, musicians, students, and professionals at Joint. It’s a place where you can strike up a conversation with a stranger and leave with a new friend. Linus is always happy to chat with customers and share his knowledge of coffee, music, and photography.

Speaking of photography, Joint has also become a venue for local artists to showcase their work. I was lucky enough to hold my own photography exhibition there, and it was a great experience to see my work on display in a cozy cafe setting.

Since my first visit to Joint in Kennedy Town, the cafe has moved to Wood Road in Wan Chai, which is even closer to my office. I still enjoy stopping by for a cup of coffee and catching up with Linus. He’s introduced me to so many new musicians and artists, and I always leave feeling inspired.

Joint is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a community of like-minded people who appreciate good coffee, music, and art. If you’re in Hong Kong, I highly recommend checking it out. You never know who you might meet or what you might discover.


Address: G/F, 8 Wood Road, Wan Chai



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