Film Photography – Why I love it

Film Photography - Why I love It


Film Photography – Why I love it

“Tangible asset” was a term I first encountered in my accounting class. To me, film encompasses both tangible and intangible elements. I’ve always believed that I need to physically hold something to truly experience it and create a lasting memory. The real film picture captured, the technique used to take the shot, the surrounding environment, and even the sounds all contribute to my personal film experience.

Film photography has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and trust my instincts. I find joy in imagining the outcome of a shot – including the grain, texture, micro contrast, and lighting. The process has taught me to be less focused on the end result and to be more patient. Even if the picture doesn’t turn out as expected, the memory remains with me. I cherish the steps and time taken to create each frame, as well as the unique moments captured.

Imagination plays a crucial role in film photography. I love predicting the results from different films and lenses. This imaginative process is always on my mind as I go about my daily life. The choice of film and how I develop it reflects my mood at the time.

My preference for black and white film stems from its simplicity. I haven’t mastered color film and find that the thought of imagining colors in my mind often becomes overwhelming. The mood I’m in plays a big part in my film selection, as well as my travels.

While I don’t always choose to shoot with film, it has become a habit for me. I don’t feel as attached to my digital images as I do to my film photographs. Film has become an integral part of my creative process, like a comforting teddy bear for a child. This is my personal film photography journey.

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