Exploring Street Photography with Widelux F8 in Hong Kong

Exploring Street Photography with Widelux F8


Exploring Street Photography with Widelux F8 in Hong Kong

Widelux F8
Widelux F8 with film inserted

The Widelux F8 is an interesting camera with a beautiful design. Though it feels a bit flimsy when advancing the film with the knob, overall it is a well-built camera for its time. The actor Jeff Bridgesfrequently uses this camera and considers it his favorite. There isn’t too much information about it online, but I’ve learned that you have to advance the film before changing the shutter speed; otherwise, you risk breaking the camera. There is only three shutter speed (1/15, 1/125 and 1/250) on this camera making it more challenging to use.

I recently shot a roll of Reflex Lab 800 film, rated at box speed, with this camera. I went to Shau Kei Wan and took some street candid shots. I also asked a kind gentleman if I could take his photo in front of his shop. I enjoy the surreal distortions created by the panning lens—each photo turns out uniquely, either wonderfully or strangely. I plan to continue exploring with this camera. Please comment with any tips for using it.

Widelux F8, Reflx Lab 800
Widelux F8, Reflx Lab 800
Widelux F8, Reflx Lab 800
Widelux F8, Reflx Lab 800
Widelux F8, Reflx Lab 800
Widelux F8, Reflx Lab 800
Widelux F8, Reflx Lab 800

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Reflx Lab 800
Reflx Lab 400D
Reflx Lab 500T (35mm Film)
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