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Every moment only happen once in our lifetime, treasure it and capture it.


Photography is a soul searching process

A place to connect people with cameras. And those who love to use film as a medium to create their moments.

Who is Tahusa?
My career is neither photography nor creative related. Based in Hong Kong, just love to motivate myself and people around me to shoot.

What is Tahusa?
A place to show my ongoing photography projects and travel snaps. Also would like to give people some general ideas on different types of film and camera gears and lenses.

How did I start with film photography?
Back when I was studying in university, I watched a Japanese drama called “Hard to say I love you”. In the first episode, Nagayama Eita appeared in front of a vintage camera shop staring at a Leica M7. At that time, I had no idea about the Leica rangefinder cameras and how it works; however, the shutter sound and Eita’s expression when he was using the camera fascinated me. Immediately after some online research, I and sold all of my DSLR cameras and bought my first Leica M6 camera and a Summicron 35mm f2 IV pre-asph (one of the best Leica lenses to start with). In 2010, my film photography journey officially began.

What camera gears do I use?
I mainly shoot with my Leica rangefinder camera and I love using the 35mm lens for street photography; it is a black repainted M2 that I have been using for the past 4 years. I also shoot with my Summilux 35mm 1.4 ASPH FLE lens, and the Noctilux at night. Although I have used the medium format,  I find that the 135 film suits me best.

Connect People with Cameras

If you have any questions related to film, camera gears or want to take some pictures together in Hong Kong. Feel free to reach me out.

Solo Exhibition

2021 We Have Seen Better Days, Joint, Hong Kong

2023 We Have Seen Better Days, Space Place Gallery, Russia

Teaching & Workshops

2019 National Geographic Photo Camp, Hong Kong – Teaching Assistant

2021 Tahusa.co Black and White Develop Workshop

Book Photo Credit

The Perar Book by Dirk Rösler / Japan Exposures


Photowalk with the Camera Community

Just another way for people to meet and bring their cameras in Hong Kong


  1. Hi Anson,

    I’ve found your blog and then instagram accidently. It’s just WOW. I love your images. They’re all beautiful. Keep up the good work! They inspired me a lot.

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